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Sell a Perpetual Right to Use License and reduce your customers' costs by 90%. 

Same Features. Same Performance. Just costs 90% less!

Quick and Easy For Them to Swap. Support for demo's and trials and 40% commission rate.

Sell a product that has REAL value to virtually ALL businesses.

Applications that can be replaced with Zway  are: Apps such as:  CRM, e-HR, Document Management, Contracts Lifecycle Management, Service  Desk, Projects, Resource Management, Asset Management, Holidays and Expenses Management, Products & Services catalogues, BOM production, Invoicing, Order Management etc.

Who Is A Good Fit To Be Our Affiliate?

You will be well positioned if you are:

1. An Influencer, Publisher, Blogger, YouTuber, TikTok Publisher.
2. A Digital Marketing Agency working to make your clients more efficient
3. A Hosting Provider and wishing to make your offer more valuable
4. An Industry or Trade Association wishing to add value to your members

Share your unique affiliate links via blogs, social media posts, email newsletters, videos and other digital forums.

Earn a 40% share of the revenue for every qualified sale.

Zway also provides full telephone sales support for clients wishing to speak to a sales consultant prior to buying. 

"SaaS payments  NEVER go down for your customers.
They always increase.  Sell them a Once-Off License for the same sort of apps they already use.  It's the easiest sale ever"!  Click below to learn how Zway is about to break traditional SaaS payment models.

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These Apps Are a Waste Of Money for small businesses & The Easiest Suppliers To Replace
"For a few hours spent importing copied data from one app to another, your clients can save THOUSANDS and they will love you for it".
Most companies only use 25% of the features you pay for**

An Average SME With 5 Users Pays For 29 SaaS Apps........ Continuously.Costing $13,115 Every Year.

Swapping Recurring Payments on just half of those apps for a Once-off deal would save $19,117 over 3 years without any loss of functionality or reliability.  Even more if they have a larger number of users.
** Survey by Productiv in their “State of SaaS” report. 

All Sorts Of SaaS Apps, Not Just CRM

Read below just a few of the different applications that can be directly replaced on your Zway Perpetual Rights To Use License costing just £995.00
Contacts & Leads Automation
Lead assign & monitor progress
Quotes from Templates
Order signing automation
Invoicing and Collections
End-to-end automation
Reports & Dashboards
Employee Self-service Portal
Holidays and Sickness
365 Degree Reviews
Resources & Workforce Management
Manage Resources on jobs
Apply Skills and availability
See at a glance who is doing what
Real-time views of job calendars
Assign and re-assign jobs 
Automated status changes

"Zway has made it so easy to transfer information from legacy apps to the new suite of integrated apps, it was just importing spreadsheets"

"It now makes me wonder what I have been paying for all these years, when I can get the same stuff from Zway without on-going payments"

Just How Good Are Zway Applications?

Projects & Tasks Management
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Sophisticated Programme designs
Gantt chart views and reports
Manage Project tasks, resources and budgets
Document  & Asset Management
Single Point Of Truth for all Documents
All Digital assets such as drawings
Version control
Access control
Easy access and quick find
Service Desk & Help Desks
ITIL Spec Help and Service desks
Assign tickets
Monitor tickets
Report on SLA's
Automated communications for speed and response
"Zway has been used since 2012 in big business as a SaaS.  Now you can sell these licenses outright to replace all other apps and make £400 each time a customer buys".
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Ian Fender
"I was like Goldilocks. When I found a solution to my business process issues, it was either too expensive, it didn’t fit, or it was too complicated. Zway made the decision easy by delivering results fast. Now I can sleep well in my bed, knowing my business works, even when I’m not there"
Managing Director
Anthea Shakespear
"I needed something to integrate to very specialist third party systems. Zway API set enables quick and reliable connections that just work the way we want them to".
Contracts Manager
Maria Silverii
"When I realised how much my SaaS bills had risen over the last few years, it was a no-brainer to swap out.  It didn't take long to copy my data over and now we don't have any monthly or annual bills for business automation apps".
Founder & CEO
You could replace half  your customers'  apps  but some are too good to swap

Only Half Of SaaS Applications Are Still Worthwhile**But we don't recommend changing some.......

Swapping Recurring Payments for a Once-off deal makes sense when you don't lose any functionality and where your business will not notice the difference.  The following three categories of applications are still dominated by SaaS suppliers and should not be replaced yet. Note that Zway Business Automation Suite Applications are pre-integrated to these apps anyway!
Click Here To Apply For Affiliate Deal** Survey by Productiv in their “State of SaaS” report. 
Applications that provide specific ways to communicate with a mass audience are still not replaceable without paying for a monthly or annual SaaS fee.  These include (but are not limited to): MailChimp, Lemlist.
Applications that specialise in e-Commerce transactions and fit neatly inside of your Website are still dominated by SaaS companies and  because customer experience is so critical, there are no short-cuts with these applications.  Apps such as (but not limited to): WordPress, Shopify.
Creative and Publishing Applications
Suppliers like Google docs can replace some Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel, but others such as Canva and Adobe are so far ahead and people need so many different features, we would not recommend replacing these for pay-once solutions.
"By selling perpetual licenses through Affiliates (instead of charging ever increasing monthly fees) Zway has changed the ground rules in SaaS.  Now -  all the value goes to the end users and you are paid to make it happen".

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One Small Investment Replaces Years of Increasing Payments

The Zway Perpetual Right To Use License is just £995 for each bundle of 5 users as a once-off payment with no maintenance or service fees to be added. Gives ROI in weeks.

"The Zway Business Automation Platform is pre-integrated. This means that no matter which apps you use, every other app will automatically use the information stored, creating a single point of truth for all data, and creating end-to-end processes without any effort".

Pre-Integrated Applications
Single Point Of Truth for all data you hold.
No need for additional integrations with Zapier or that always add to your costs.
59 Applications in one Integrated Suite
Easy Administration
Easy Expansion
Easy to use and understand
Less Training costs
No Change Management required

SaaS payments become addictive. Once you start paying the supplier you can't  stop without help.

Sell our apps outright and release your customer from the demands of the SaaS dealers. 
"The Zway Business Automation Suite now costs just £995 with a 30-day money back guarantee, free on-line help videos and instructions.  Extra help to transfer existing data is always available from Zway if required.  Affiliates can sell it and forget it and receive 40% commissions".

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A Selection Of Zway Business Suite Processes

In the CRM Leads Management
You get an enquiry from a potential new customer. You store his name, email and mobile number. As soon as the “Lead” is added to CRM, the system will send a pre-designed campaign of emails and texts to the client over any period of time you want. If you are a Tradesman, you will want an email that introduces the main person coming to his home and tell them all about your skills etc. You will want to send them another message with a copy of your company insurance certificates. You will want to show the a few references and photos of your other work and the communications go on and on. This creates a felling with your client of “Know, Like and Trust”. By the time you eventually visit to see the job and to measure for the final quote, the client will already know the job is yours.
In the Estimates and Quotes planning (CRM)
The CRM is fed by information about YOUR specific products, services, and prices. It will create an automated BoM (Bill of Materials) and create a fully itemised quotation. It is topped and tailed with your own personalised logo and information about your payment terms etc. This solution screams “I am a Professional” and elevates you above other Tradesmen or other companies quoting for the same business.

In the CRM Leads Management
The ability to see where every enquiry originated and exactly where in the buying process, each lead sits. Extensive information can be seen in one view, including all the communications you and your team members have with the contact, access to quotes, offers and emails sent and received, all in the same form view. With this functionality, multiple people can work on one database of leads and see the status in real time.
In the Contacts Management (CRM)
The ability to import (Directly from spreadsheets, excel file or CSV or even directly from Google records) all your existing names, addresses, numbers, emails and other contact details for an unlimited number of: (A few for example):
• Suspects    • Prospects   • Contacts   • Friends and Family     • Students   • Patients   • Clients   • Suppliers   • Members    •Partners
All this information can be stored in one place and every member of your team can see the latest information 24 hours every day from any device anywhere in the World.

In the Orders section of CRM
The automated process continues. What was originally a phone call from a stranger is now a fully documented, priced, and legally agreed order. The system now knows what percentage to invoice for the deposit and it sends a payment link automatically, this can all be done when you are still with the client if you want!
In the Quotes section of CRM
The system already knows the email of the client, so a single click sends the quote to the customer and asks him to check and agree it if he wants to place an order. You can add your own contract and payment terms and when the order is placed the next automated step begins..
In the invoices section of CRM
The system now tracks the project (job) management information and when certain milestones or dates are reached, it can automatically invoice the remaining percentages as you choose.
In the Payments section of Invoice Management
The Zway Automations can be linked to your choice of Accounting and Book-Keeping software such as Xero. The system will also chase outstanding payments with automated reminders and tell you when payments are received..

In the Opportunities section of CRM
For the sort of business that handles longer and more detailed sales cycles that require teamwork and interaction across several months and several stages of relationship, the Zway CRM handles the whole “Opportunity Journey” and allows you to answer Tenders, manage trials and complex visit reports and at different levels of communication, helping you to manage the relationship. This is where the more complex reporting is used to forecast each sales persons’ numbers and performance against targets.
In the Stock Management application
If you are a company that keeps and sells and uses stock to fulfil orders, the system automatically handles the stock inventory. Warnings can be set when pieces are in low numbers and this part of the system can even be linked to the Contracts Management apps in the suite to order from suppliers when needed!. Any business that sells stock from a stock list and wants to track the stock required to fulfil each order can use this application. This application is obviously closely linked to CRM orders and can also be used in conjunction with supplier management and contracts applications.

In the Communication section of CRM
Track information you request from your clients. The “Requested Information Tab” will allow you to request documents (great for compliance businesses) and track when the information you wanted is received..
In the e-HR application
Personnel activities to help your staff to manage their own expenses, timesheets, and holidays with flexible processes to sign off and agree. Create organisation charts and manage the employee status and personal files for everyone that works for your business. Create 365 reviews for performance management and manage and track individual performance against set and tracked objectives.

In the Service Desk application
For teams that wish to provide support to external clients that would call, email or message support requests, we have a full ticketing system available to help accept, notify, track, and allocate these tickets to any member of the support desk. This can be set up in minutes and keeps a log of the status of each ticket and each task towards resolution. When the ticket is resolved, the information is held in an archived file. The resolution for internal and external information can be held in a knowledge base, for future access.

In the Service Desk application
For a business that wishes to offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Internal or External clients, each company can have their own SLA level set up and monitored for performance against that standard. Early warnings are available to notify staff if SLA’s will soon be broken. Communications and Notifications via email can be pre-set to automate the support process.
In the Help Desk application
For teams that wish to support internal activities, you may set up any number of helpdesks and automate processes to support internal users. This application can be used to support every process from “new employee on-boarding” to “Room booking”. The process works in a similar way to the service desk application and can be used in conjunction if needed.
In the Documents Management application
You can store, archive, and keep track of versions for any digital asset such as documents or files. For times where you want to ensure that only one single point of Truth exists for each piece of company information, this is ideal. Once uploaded to the repository, any user (with access permissions) can find, download, edit and re-upload any document or digital asset in storage. This application is linked to EVERY APPLICATION in the Zway Suite, so attachments are automatically stored, and available inside of each application without further searching.

In the Contracts Lifecycle Management application
You may store, archive and view and follow progress for any contract your business has. This is used to track contracts with suppliers and customers and employees alike. It has tightly controlled access restrictions to ensure any one user can only view contracts suited to them. This application is ideal for any firm or team that wishes to link their contracts, due diligence processes with supplier Management and sales orders. This application monitors renewal dates, SLA’s Budgets and Contract Values as well as tracking residual values for assets under contract.
In the Projects Management application
For the type of business that manages complex projects and programmes with multiple inter-dependent tasks where close tracking of status and progress is required, this application enables unlimited projects to be handled with unlimited tasks and unlimited resources. Track changes and the on-going budget against the original target. Delegate jobs and tasks to individuals and monitor when completed. Share with internal and external clients and report on progress.Gantt charts that reflect the overall project health and show the on-going real-time status of each task within a project.

In the Resources Management application
If you ever need to match jobs to the available staff and allocate tasks or jobs to team members and want to manage resources available for each new job that comes in, this is where it can be done easily. Each new job your business wins can automatically be assigned to the most suitable person and the approximate time for each job can be added to the resources calendar. This is an ideal application for Workforce Management as it provides reminders and notification to all involved in each job. You can apply multiple staff to each job if you wish or apply multiple jobs to staff at the same time. As each new job is added, you can track the approximate income from each job and attach job specifications, work packages, method statements, and risk assessments etc as required.

In the Activity Manager application
You may track and assign tasks to teams or individuals and see, in real-time, the status of each task. Using Kanban boards, you can set up templates of tasks for each project or just use as a list of to-dos. As each new task is added, you can see the timeframe required, prioritise, delegate to whomever you wish and track and categorise tasks.

"Affiliates will receive a full pack of email templates, advert text, free demo site of apps, personalised sign-up links and a 60-day cookie retention on traffic sent to a sales page currently converting 1 in 10 unique visitors to sales.  Average Sale Value is £995.00 so far this year".

Here is a video that explains more about the SaaS con of the 20th Century, why it has occurred and the solutions we have.  Only watch if you want to understand the SaaS market better and are interested in helping us to solve these problems.

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Add-On Sales Potential

Sell More Users
Even if you only get the initial order for 5 users, you can add more packs of 5 users as your client wishes to expand their user base.  Same customer, easy sale.  Same commissions.
Sell More Apps and New Developments
Zway is creating more and more apps every month and has developed innovative new AI. solutions that will blow your clients away.
Consider how easy and manageable this process would be if each person had their own workflow to follow and every piece of information they needed to make it so was available at the right time, in one place.
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