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Store & Manage ALL Types Of Contacts With Zway CRM

Turn contacts into leads. 

Keep a single point of truth for all data. 

Buy once and replace your expensive CRM.
Watch This video to see the features of this solution.  Click button to buy.  Then, if you want to extend your software to include any of the other functions you can add to them whenever you want.  Just add users or add functions as you need.
Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £99
The functions in this video are also available in the same "Contacts to Leads" once-off purchase.
Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £99
Pay Just £99.00 (once-off) for this Contacts to Leads process solution

Mark Contacts as Suppliers, Contractors, employees, leads, or any different relationship you wish

New, Assigned, current, and archived leads stored

Notifications automated

Customer portal for GDPR

Ability to Mark Contacts as Customers or Clients

GDPR Settings for compliance

Next Contact planner

Multiple addresses per contact / company

Relationship & Authority status

Unlimited statuses for contacts and leads

Unlimited contact groups & categories

Export to CSV

Import from CSV and Google and Outlook
Application to store and manage every contact record you or your company has in one place whilst making them available securely to authorised staff. Upgrade contacts to leads and track lead progress to orders over time.

Replaces similar CRM functions from: Replaces Zoho, Pipedrive, Monday

Contact & Company details synchronised

Integration to Supplier Manager, Quotes, Orders, Invoicing, Xero Accounts, Payments and Forecasting, Service desk, Document Management, Contracts, Projects & Timesheets

Store Unlimited Contacts

Privacy settings


Unlimited filters on list view for easy-find

Contact, email and call planner and register of communications

De-Duplication Controls
Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £99

Yes! You really can buy access to this application for ever in exchange for just one payment of £99.00

Consider how easy and manageable this process would be if each person had their own workflow to follow and every piece of information they needed to make it so was available at the right time, in one place.
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