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Service & Help Desk Automation For Internal & External Clients.

Know and control your SLA's and performance in real-time. 

Set sophisticated automations to ensure your service is the best it can be. 

Pay one-time and stop monthly SaaS bills for service desk solutions you don't need.
Watch This video to see the features of this solution.  Click button to buy.  Then, if you want to extend your software to include any of the other functions you can add to them whenever you want.  Just add users or add functions as you need.
Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £79
Pay Just £79.00 (once-off) for this Service Desk & Help Desk solution

Unlimited tickets and cases

Help Desks categories

Notifications automated

Unlimited products and services to be supported

Integration to Contacts, Companies, Clients, Products and Services, contracts

Unlimited filters in list view to enable easy-find

Internal or External use

Auto-response via email

Targets and reports

Status and priority tracking

Customer portal shoing "my tickets"

Service and help desk application to handle all types of ticketing for companys that offer SLA.

Replaces: Asana, Freshdesk, Zendesk

ITIL Compliant

Unlimited assigned agents

Assign and pull back

Re-assign and report

Open and archived tickets

Service Level Agreement tracking


Automated process follow-up

Knowledge base with categorisation

File attachments and digital asset attachments such as video

Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £79

Yes! You really can buy access to this application for ever in exchange for just one payment of £79.00

Consider how easy and manageable this process would be if each person had their own workflow to follow and every piece of information they needed to make it so was available at the right time, in one place.
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