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Keep Your Digital Assets In Once Place And Control Who Sees What.

Save thousands on printing, copying & paper storage. 

Keep accurate and up to date version control. 

Pay just once and stop paying for old fashioned document management applications.
Watch This video to see the features of this solution.  Click button to buy.  Then, if you want to extend your software to include any of the other functions you can add to them whenever you want.  Just add users or add functions as you need.
Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £89.00 
Pay Just £89.00 (once-off) for this Digital Assets Management solution

Digital Asset Management (any file type)

View, Edit, Download, Upload

Notifications automated

File and folder creation to enable personalised structure

Integration to Contacts, Companies, Clients, Suppliers, Partners, HR, Assets, Resources, Contracts, Projects, Activities and Jobs

Unlimited filters of assets and documents in list view to enable easy-find

Asset check-in-out register to enable usage and even rentals

Priorities for diminished service

Maintenance register

100M upload per document / asset

Storage application and management of all digital assets such as documents and videos, offering control and security of all company assets

Replaces: Freshworks, Bynder, Box

Watch files and folders and get notified when people access the information

Asset mapping enables physical assets to be linked to specific locations

Asset status and visit report tracking

100Gb storage per code

Import assets from CSV

Exports assets to CSV

Warranty and Purchase date tracking

Asset Residual Value calculator

Asset Expected life tracking

Buy Now With Guarantee For Just £89

Yes! You really can buy access to this application for ever in exchange for just one payment of £89.00

Consider how easy and manageable this process would be if each person had their own workflow to follow and every piece of information they needed to make it so was available at the right time, in one place.
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